Common Services Provided by Electricians

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Whether you need upgrades to your current electrical installations, building a new home or need an electrical repair service – Trades Mate provides you with trusted tradesmen anywhere in New Zealand.

Here is a list of the most common services provided by electricians.

Residential Services

Home Electrical Rewiring and Repairs – Do your electrical circuits or power points need replacing? An emergency electrician can overcome any issues you may be experiencing with your wiring.

Most electricians will be available 24 hours a day to provide an electrical repair service at an additional rate.

New Home and Renovation Wiring – Many of our electricians specialise in consultation, planning and installing residential electrical wiring for new homes. They work together with property developers and construction team members to create a fully-integrated system that suits your lifestyle needs.

If you’re currently renovating your home, a residential electrician will rewire your existing infrastructure to accommodate for your new space.

Switchboard Repairs and Replacements – A switchboard protects your family from electrocution caused by faulty wiring. Our electricians provide you with up-to-date maintenance and quality checking to make sure each component is working correctly.

Power Point Repairs – Whether you’re building a new home, need new power points or you want to add more – a licensed electrician will advise you on the best solution for your home. They can even install dedicated USB ports, so you can charge your phone, laptop or tablet anywhere around the household.

Lighting and Security Lighting – Our electricians provide emergency repairs and replacements for any indoor or outdoor lights. These include LED, halogen, flood lights, garden lights, tracking and fluorescent, security lights and motion sensors.

These are the most common services your residential electrician will provide. Other additional services our electricians may provide include:

·  Solar Power Installations and Repairs

·  Installing and Maintaining Back Up Generators

·  Gas Installation Services

·  Installing Home Automation and Security Devices

·  Installing Fibre Optic Cables

·  Uninterrupted Power Supply Installation

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Commercial Services

A recommended tradesmen will typically provide residential and commercial electrical services. Whether you’re building a new property or need installations and repairs for your existing premise – they’ll offer urgent assistance for anything you need.

Here are some services that are particularly important to commercial locations.

Tagging and Testing Equipment – Regular safety checks are important for employers to maintain their work health and safety obligations. A licensed electrician will tell if you any equipment is currently at fault. And they’ll make sure no one can use the equipment before it gets serviced or replaced.

If your equipment is working correctly, they’ll place a tag that states when the item was serviced and when it’s due for the next safety check.

An electrician may also provide helpful advice for preventing any electrical accidents happening in the future. They may recommend equipment that’s more suitable for your workplace and the application it’s being used for.

Installing and Maintaining Back-Up Generators – A back-up generator could save your business thousands of dollars in replacing damaged or stolen stock. A backup generator will make sure your security systems, computers and – if you’re running a restaurant, venue or retail store – your frozen departments will continue operating as usual.

Our electricians can provide a tailored solution for your home or workplace needs at the most cost-effective price.

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